Portico Benefit Services will never send you email asking for sensitive information. If we need to collect information from you, we’ll always contact you by phone or in writing.

Beware of identity thieves who send fraudulent emails to trick you into disclosing personal or financial information. Criminals go to great lengths to create phony emails that appear to come from legitimate sources.

You can protect yourself from this form of identity theft. Know that Portico will never send you an email that:

  • Requests your full Social Security number, financial, or salary information
  • Requests your password
  • Threatens to suspend or cancel your benefits if you don’t provide your personal information
  • Includes a link directing you to an unfamiliar sign-in page

If you receive suspicious email that claims to be from Portico, please contact us at 800.352.2876 or mail@PorticoBenefits.org to report it immediately. Don’t reply to or click any links provided in the suspicious email.

Your Choices About Receiving Electronic Communications

We may send you email about your account and in response to your questions. We may also send you email with information and special offers about products and services that may be of interest to you, unless you indicate you don't want to receive them. For additional information about declining email from us, please contact our Customer Care Center at 800.352.2876 or mail@PorticoBenefits.org.