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Make Change That Lasts

GO! 2016

As a community, we’ve taken small steps toward being well, but it’s time to take longer strides. In response to the Rev. Jeff Thiemann’s call for a wellness reformation, this year’s GO! Challenge helps you make change that lasts.

Take the Mayo Clinic Health Assessment Starting Jan. 1
Health plan members and spouses or ESGPs must be registered on myPortico to access Healthy Living, take the health assessment, and use wellness resources.

Go to Mayo Clinic Healthy Living

This information should not be considered or used as a substitute for professional health care advice. By providing this information, Portico Benefit Services is not providing any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Each individual is responsible for his or her own health and medical treatment decisions. You should talk with your doctor to determine the lifestyle changes and health care treatment options appropriate for you.

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