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2018 Hammar Tax Guides Now Available

Sponsored pastors and their congregations have no-cost access to the Richard R. Hammar tax guides — Clergy Tax Return Preparation Guide and Federal Reporting Requirements for Churches (includes analysis of tax reform impact).


Tax Reform: The Biggest Changes

Fidelity Investments, recordkeeping services provider for the ELCA Retirement Plan, describes how new tax rules could affect income taxes, deductions, and more.


Latest SIF Investment Commits $25M to Green Bonds

Portico’s most recent Social Impact First investment focuses on emission reduction and wise use of natural resources.

New Benefit to Help At-Risk Members Avoid Chronic Conditions

Portico is pleased to introduce another benefit offering personalized health support — this one designed to help at-risk members avoid the onset of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

One Member's Story: How Biometric Screening Spurred Healthy Change

What’s it like to get a biometric screening as part of this year’s Live Well Challenge? Josh Smith, Portico’s director of health products, shares his experience.

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Let Go, Find Peace

Tammy Devine  

Read this month's reflection from Tammy Devine