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The Haloms Story  

Sneak Peek: Our Synod Assembly Video Highlights Financial Wellness:

We're talking financial wellness at Synod assemblies. If you're there, stop by for a new wellness resources collection and a playful handout that imagines Martin Luther as a financial planner.

New SIF Investment Creates Jobs and Housing in the Holy Land

After 2016 Churchwide Assembly called for more positive investment in the Holy Land, Portico has responded. Learn about the impact this social purpose fund investment could have in the region.

Portico Steps Up Support for Financial Decision-making

Recognizing the connection between money and well-being, Portico is offering sponsored members a new online Retirement Planning Tool coupled with in-house Portico financial planners.

Q1 Commentary: The Bull Is Still Running

Get a little perspective on the stock market's long bull run, last quarter performance, and how to manage market uncertainty.


Wellness Voice: Practicing What We Preach About Spiritual Self-Care

As a certified life coach, Barbara Solsaa helps other church professionals sustain their calling — but she needed the Spirit's nudging to do what it takes to sustain her own.

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What Blinds You?

Tammy Devine  

Read this month's reflection from Tammy Devine