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ELCA-Primary health plan members and spouses, visit the new Mayo Clinic Healthy Living to take stock of your health, try a new wellness activity, and earn wellness dollars. Learn how to access the Mayo Clinic health assessment Choose your wellness activity

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Cyber-attack at Premera Blue Cross May Affect Members in Washington and Alaska

Premera Blue Cross reported on March 17 that it was the target of a sophisticated cyber-attack. Our ELCA-Primary medical benefit administrator, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, works with Premera to serve members in Washington state and Alaska. This attack has potential impact for anyone receiving care in these states since 2002. Premera is taking proactive steps to address this issue and offering free identity protection services to those affected.

Try Portico's Featured Wellness Activity, Be Still

Use daily prayer practice to strengthen your emotional well-being and open your heart to God's suggestion. Try this activity on your own or with others.

2015 Clergy Tax Return Preparation Guide Now Available

Given that clergy taxes can be complicated, Portico offers the annual Clergy Tax Return Preparation Guide by Richard R. Hammar — at no cost to plan members.

Online Bill Pay

If you have a monthly bill, paying online is efficient and is good financial stewardship of our community's shared resources because it helps lower the cost of bill processing.

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