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2014 Open Enrollment   

Know What's Changing Next Year

Organizations are starting to consider which ELCA-Primary health benefit option to provide in 2016. You can prepare for a conversation about next year's health benefits by thinking through how you've used benefits in 2015, and by understanding how benefits and costs will change next year. See what's changing for 2016

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Why Are Our Health Care Costs Going Up?

Learn what's driving 2016 ELCA health contribution rates, such as national trends and our community's use of care. Watch the replay of our recent webinar (30 min).

What Does Positive Social Impact Look Like?

As we prepare to enhance ELCA Social Purpose investments this fall, read about two ways these funds might make a positive difference in the world.

Improve Your Financial Well-being

Whether it's creating a budget, managing debt, developing a savings plan, or planning for retirement, taking a small step today will give you peace of mind.

Wellness Voice: Pickleball Evangelism

Pastor Glenn Zimbelman joined a gym to get back in shape — but ended up reaching people for Christ.

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Money Talks

Tammy Devine  

Read this month's reflection from Tammy Devine

GO! 2015

Tend your well-being, earn wellness dollars