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Stacy Kruse

Retirement Planning Made Simple Webinar Describes New Financial Benefits

This recording of a 30-min. webinar featuring Stacy Kruse, Portico’s chief operating and financial officer, describes how to get the most from new retirement planning benefits for sponsored members.

Portico Steps Up Support for Financial Decision-making

Recognizing the connection between money and well-being, Portico is offering sponsored members a wellness challenge that rewards attention to financial health, in-house Portico financial planners, and our new online Retirement Planning Tool.

Updated Clergy Tax Guide Now Available

To help pastors prepare their income tax returns, Portico offers Richard R. Hammar's "Clergy Tax Return Preparation Guide" at no cost to members.

Health Benefit Reminders

ELCA-Primary health plan members, call a Care Coordinator to find the best possible care at the right price, and replace your old Blue Cross and Express Scripts cards with the new Portico Health ID card sent out in December and early January.

Wellness Voice: Lent Fitness Challenge Takes a Holistic Approach

Faith, fitness, and fun facts about Martin Luther: How one congregation is practicing healthy habits and teaching about our church's heritage this year.

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Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Tammy Devine  

Read this month's reflection from Tammy Devine